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Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit includes 20 Dog Gloves, 1 Carrier, & 2 Mini Wipes packs.
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Your Most Common Questions

What comes in the Dog Walk Kit?

In our Kit, you get the below…

  • (20) Dog Gloves
  • (2) Mini Wipes Packs
  • (1) Dog Glove + Wipes Carrier 

How long does the Kit last?

For the Gloves & Mini Wipes, it typically lasts most people about 30 days. 

For the Carrier, it should last 1 year at least.

What color Dog Gloves come in the Kit?

We’d like to give you a chance to test out a fun variety. You’ll get a mix of royal blue, pink, white, & sky blue. It’s perfect if you don’t know which color box you want and would like to sample them all. 

Who should buy the Kit?

The Kit is best for a dog lover who is new to using the Dog Gloves or our Carrier. No matter where you are in our world, it’s great for someone who hasn’t tried all three of our most popular items…Dog Gloves, Mini Wipes, & the Carrier OR needs a replenishment. 

Would the Kit be a great gift for someone?

YES, absolutely. A huge pack of our customers will buy the Dog Gloves for themselves and then come back for the Kit for themselves and then to give as a gift for a friend.

If you buy two, then you get free shipping. :) It is packed beautifully and doesn’t need additional wrapping at all.