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Dog Gloves Samples

Dog Gloves Samples

We’re happy to send you samples of our Dog Gloves so you can test them out before committing! Just cover the costs of shipping & handling, and we’ll provide the gloves complimentary.
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Your Most Common Questions

How many Dog Gloves come in the sample?

You’ll get about 7-8 gloves. 

What colors will come in the envelope? 

You’ll get a fun mix of royal blue, pink, white, & sky blue.

It will be a surprise exactly how many of each you get. 

How can you use the gloves? 

Who should buy the samples?

Anyone who is even a little bit curious what it’s like to pick up after their dog (or cat) without a messy bag.

It’s best for people who are open to feeling what it’s like to never dread the chore of cleaning up after their pet again. 

Can I send the samples to someone else?

YES, sooo many people love sending the samples to friends.

They fit in a beautiful envelope so it’s perfect to send over to someone in the mail. It is the best kind of mail that can end up in someone’s mailbox.  

What if I don’t have a dog or cat?

This is a safe place.

Even if you don’t have a dog or cat, you can still try out our gloves. They are great for so many things, even picking out produce in the grocery store. 

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