When I was a little kid, I dreamed of having a house full of dogs. I imagined everyone laughing while watching the pups play all day, jumping in the pool, and then snuggling in bed.

While parts of my dream have come true, very much is still unwritten.

Today I have two golden mixes. Kaia who is pure love & happiest when she’s wet. And Sailor who is the energizer bunny and happiest when she’s carrying something in her mouth, preferably sticks.

Rewind a couple years, and I had a golden childhood. My family is very loving and supportive, and I have a big sister who I admire so much.

After college though, I started having stomach pain. I was working in San Francisco doing tradeshows and conferences for tech companies. I absolutely loved my job and nothing was going to stop me. I had always been an over-achiever. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 3 years with a double major from Loyola Marymount University, doing full-time internships every summer. I didn’t even know what a break meant. Stomach pain was not going to get in my way.

Just in case, I started making appointments to get testing done. I did a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and blood work hoping to figure it all out. My stomach pain kept nagging at me.

Eventually, I took a quick lunch break & asked my mom to meet me at UCSF for an appointment. Once I got there, I had a bad feeling.

The doctors said that I had inflammation in my small intestines, which triggered a severe auto-immune disease. They put my on countless diets, restricting anything that I could eat, even though they meant it to help. Elimination after elimination, liquid diets, and very little options stripped most of my weight off.

Speed up a couple months & I started having chest pains. I went back to UCSF and they let me know that if I didn’t get hospitalized that my heart would stop beating.

Ugh! I took a medical leave so I could go to the UCSF Children’s Center for 3 months and then transferred to a center in Southern California for another 3 months. Most of this time was blocked out, except for one of my most memorable experiences.

One of the girls I met in at the Recovery Center always talked about how excited she was to get home to be with her dog. Her mom had given her a stuffed animal to remind her to keep going. The day she checked out, I still had a long time to go. She hugged me good-bye and gave me the stuffed animal. It was a golden retriever. It was her most treasured thing, yet she was giving it to me? Going forward, I knew I wanted to help others with golden retrievers alongside me.

One of the other best parts of my experience, was that we occasionally had dogs visit us to remind us of happier days ahead of us. My mission with Noble Pets Products is to empower others to bring their dogs to hospitals or treatment centers to bring happiness to those who need it most because many are forgotten.

I believe that setbacks are setups for what is ahead. And that God is preparing you for what He has prepared for you.

My faith and dogs are very much the reason for my strength today. I worked at a Christian church that reminded me of how much we are loved. I started Noble Pets Products because I want us to love being on walks with our dogs, not dread them for potty time and smile when we clean up after them. I also design products to remind us of the power of our faith. I pray that what I create reminds you of how loved you are and that we’ve got angels without wings all around us.