How to Use the Gloves

Pick Up Poop ✔️

Wipe the Paws ✔️

Wipe the Floor ✔️

Clean the Crate ✔️

Pick Up Dog Hair ✔️

Bathe the Dogs ✔️

Prep the Food ✔️

Wash the Bowls ✔️

We are a different kind of Dog Accessory!

Meet your new FAVORITE glove...

Here are highlights on the GLOVE you'll LOVE:

✅ 50% bag + 50% glove

✅ Leak Proof

✅ 2x thicker than bags

✅ Biodegradeable

✅ Pre-ripped & individually folded, so no more fighting with a roll than unravels on you! 🙁

✅ 8+ ways to use them (SO much more than a regular, flimsy bag)

✅ 100% money-back guarantee

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